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A Sad Reflection on the 200 Year Anniversary of Fairhaven

I have referred on many occasions to the investigations of Dr. Lynne Knuth, PhD Biology, who studied the illness and toxic effects on animals and people in Brown County, Wisconsin observed in close association with the infrasound created by wind … Continue reading

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At What Cost? –Kenneth Pottel from WindWise Fairhaven

Fairhaven’s Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator Jeffrey Osuch  have used the argument that that the turbine project in Fairhaven will make money for the town. I will let you decide if the financial benefits support their argument.  Wind Wise … Continue reading

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A Letter to Senate President Therese Murray Regarding Falmouth and Fairhaven

Dear Senate President Murray, I’m writing to you first to convey my thanks to you and everyone in the State House for their considered setting aside of the WESRA bills. The problem of ill considered siting of INDUSTRIAL SCALE WIND … Continue reading

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Is This Our Wind Turbine Project? It Sounds Familiar!

The selectmen meet with the site Acquisition Specialist on the Tower location project. The specialist tells of how the money from this project will go to the towns budget. There is immediate opposition from local residents. Those NIMBYS. A school … Continue reading

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Questions Raised about the Southcoast emPOWERment Compact

Several years ago a group was determined to buy electric power for the Fairhaven area. The group was called the SouthCoast emPOWERment Compact, Inc. In addition to buying electric power the group provided testimony for the Nantucket wind turbine project! … Continue reading

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A Personal Plea Goes Unheeded

The following is an email exchange between Charlie Murphy, Fairhaven selectman, and a personal acquaintance from Falmouth, MA. This exchange is followed by comments from Mark Cool, also a resident of Falmouth who lives close to the turbines and who … Continue reading

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About “The Wind Turbine Impact Study is Junk Science” –by Raymond S. Harman, PhD

On January 20th, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Public Health (DEP/DPH) published the Wind Turbine Health Impact Study: Report of Independent Expert Panel. Raymond S. Hartman is a distinguished scientist of mathematical economics, author of more than … Continue reading

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