A Personal Plea Goes Unheeded

The following is an email exchange between Charlie Murphy, Fairhaven selectman, and a personal acquaintance from Falmouth, MA. This exchange is followed by comments from Mark Cool, also a resident of Falmouth who lives close to the turbines and who has suffered adverse health affects from them. These turbines were the ones originally slated for Fairhaven.


—-Original Message—–

Sent: Thu, Dec 15, 2011 10:01 am
Subject: Hello Past XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX President!!!!

Hi Charlie! I miss you at the helm of the XXXXXXXXXX. I don’t know if you remember me but we first met at a training the year before you took on the presidential role… and then a few times during your reign. I was the secretary of the XXXXXXXXXXX? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I had to step down from the secretary
role of XXXXXXX because I am one of the people who have a $700,000 dollar property 1600 feet from the 400 foot Wind Turbine in Falmouth. I know you, as the Selectman of Fairhaven, are under fire right now… I saw the meeting on the internet… I wanted to say… if you want to meet… privately to get a little more hands on information about the truth of Turbines from someone who has been living the nightmare… I would meet you for coffee… quietly… Some facts for my family: My accountant says we have slept 112 nights in last 13 months in hotels in town …. (so we could sleep at all) I collected 17 dead bats from my deck this spring, I have lived here 18 years…never had a bat before on my deck. I had to get a mouth guard as my reaction to the pressure has been teeth grinding. My husband lives in my basement (not great for my marriage) XXXXXXXXXX. My kids (2 girls) have chosen not to come home for visits as the impact on their sleep, dizziness, and their computers (vibration makes for inconsistent connection to internet) is a pain for them. Often the feeling in the house resembles that experience in your car when one window is down in your car… and the pressure is off so you have to put another window down to equalize it, do you know what I mean? This is what it’s like to live in our house… yet…opening the window does not relieve the pressure. Gratefully the turbines are off till April… and we are celebrating our first holidays in our house in two years. We won’t be able to sell this house for what we have in it… Which was supposed to be our retirement fund. There are 495 homes within a quarter mile of the Wind turbines who have now lost between 20-40 % of their equity. The properties have been stigmatized. Toxic. Your turbines are not up yet… you still have time to stop it. YOU have a lot on your plate with this fight… and from the sidelines … the community is gearing up…Let me know if I can help you… I have always admired you. I have attached a couple of my letters to our town newspaper.


—–Original Message—–
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 3:04 AM
Subject: Re: Hello Past XXXXXXXXXX President!!!!

Thank you SO much for this letter….I really really appreciate it. I
am demanding that the developer have an open forum with the people of Fairhaven. Yes, we have a contract and yes we have signed it and yes the turbines are on their way..BUT nothing is impossible. I know it is a distance but we are planning an open forum…would you be able to come in January? Maybe the set back needs to be farther away from any people it may affect?

I would love to have you there. And I am truly sorry your family is
going through this.

Thanks, Charlie


Dear reader,

Reflect on these words while you read. Mr. Charlie Murphy stated in an e-mail before Christmas, “yes, we have a contract and yes we have signed it and yes the turbines are on their way..BUT nothing is impossible.”

Mr. Murphy subsequently shared, after the Fairhaven Wind Forum, that he suddenly favors the State and consulting expert’s expertise over that of relayed “first-hand” true life reality of wind turbines too close to residents.

The root issue isn’t whether Mr. Murphy believes me or the wind industry’s puppets. Rather, it’s whether he listens to his constituency. Should a selectmen abandon the concerns of so many constituents if constituent doubt exists?

The reason Mr. Murphy was elected was on account that he was expected to represent all the citizens of Fairhaven. Which is especially vital more than ever, given the questionable implications from the State’s wind Science Expert Panel and their recommendation that more health impact research is necessary.

To quote Mr Murphy’s words, “nothing is impossible.” This distant citizen and friend, wonders why Mr. Murphy should suddenly “buy the snake oil”? If a selectmen will not provide those he represents the concern they are due, another citizen must pick up the colors and carry the charge.

The charge dear reader, is that a mandate guarantee, in writing, that no harm will befall those citizens Mr. Murphy and the board are supposed to represent is essential. The State Expert Panel says there is not enough scientific evidence to offer such guarantees.

It would be prudent and reasonable then, to owe ALL Fairhaven Citizens the benefit of doubt and stop further construction! After all, “nothing is impossible,” right Charlie?

Mark J. Cool
Falmouth, MA


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