Is This Our Wind Turbine Project? It Sounds Familiar!

The selectmen meet with the site Acquisition Specialist on the Tower location project. The specialist tells of how the money from this project will go to the towns budget. There is immediate opposition from local residents. Those NIMBYS.

A school board member brings a petition with over 200 signatures to halt the project. A power point presentation shows how these towers clash with the ascetics of the neighborhood and lower property values. (It Sounds Familiar!) It was also stated was that there was not enough data proving that these towers do not create a health risk. “Would you take the chance with your children?” ( It Sounds Familiar!) The builder disputes the claim that these towers lower property value. Some other concerns were about the damage to wet land because of this project.(It Sounds Familiar!)  Not to worry because the builders would work with the Conservation Commission. That sort of thing would not be allowed. “It’s not something you can skirt around,” said this project manager. Vice Chairperson, Michael Silvia said the builder did not show an effective case for the project.

Chairperson Charles Murphy said, “Sometimes the cost of a good neighborhood is priceless.” The board votes unanimously in favor of not moving forward with the Tower. Another reason is that the revenue generated by this tower would not necessarily justify the project.

This is not about the Industrial Wind Turbines. It’s about a cell tower project. Read all about it in the Neighborhood news Volume 5 issue 35, September 23, 2010 edition. The revenue generated wouldn’t justify the tower?

Okay, that tells me it’s all about the money. If there is enough money you can take that “a good neighborhood is priceless” statement and sell it to the highest bidder. So with the industrial wind turbines, which are really even bigger towers, “it’s okay” even if: It clashes with the aesthetics of the neighborhood? “It’s okay“, we got the money! Lowers property values? “It’s okay“, we got the money! Will damage the eco system? “It’s okay“, we got the money. Hasn’t  proven that these towers do not create a heath risk? “It’s okay“, we got the money. So this tells me that it’s always about the money. I just want to know at what number did our town officials decide, “it’s okay”, we got this much money. We can sell out the neighborhood now! At what amount of money will they sell out your neighborhood?

Wayne Vieira, Fairhaven, MA   February 12, 2012  

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3 Responses to Is This Our Wind Turbine Project? It Sounds Familiar!

  1. Andrew Jones says:

    I have some follow up questions:

    In regards to property values, can anyone provide data for
    here in the US? I saw some of the info Windwise sent around to Town Meeting members. In it, they referenced a real estate “expert” who made some claims. It was interesting to note, that he also said that the property values were largely based on people’s “perception” of turbines, and did not have to be grounded by fact or science. How does that factor into your argument?

    You also bring up aesthetics? Who regulates aesthetics? Is there an entity that does so? Are there any regulations that define and regulate aesthetics? See, I always thought aesthetics is in the eye of the beholder.

    You also state that turbines “will damage the ecosystem.”. How is that exactly? What damages will occur, and at what frequency? Will any environmental regulations be broken? Which ones? Are you aware of the permitting and appeals of permits that have already occurred? How do those factor into you statement?

    You mention “health risks.”. What are those risks exacttly? Can you provide risk assessments or factual, measurable probabilities, odds or relative risks?

    Also, who took the money that you allege was offered by the developer? That’s also a pretty outrageous claim to make without giving any proof or evidence.

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