A Letter to Senate President Therese Murray Regarding Falmouth and Fairhaven

Dear Senate President Murray,

I’m writing to you first to convey my thanks to you and everyone in the State House for their considered setting aside of the WESRA bills. The problem of ill considered siting of INDUSTRIAL SCALE WIND TURBINES, however, has returned under the urgency and fostering by state agencies; the DEP/DPH. They have put forth the findings of their hand-picked “experts” which is nothing short of an info-mercial for industrial wind power, the pet project of the Governor.

As I’m sure you already know, many people from across the state will be gathering at the Gardner Auditorium today to make their heartfelt feelings clear to you and to the entire state government that they are against the relentless build-out of industrial wind in their communities.

I have been in personal contact with some of the impacted residents of the Falmouth windpower experiment. The harm that they have suffered from the vibrations and pressure waves propagated by the spinning blades has been stunning, life changing. I have been in contact with parents of children enrolled in the elementary school in Fairhaven. They are fearful about the harm that is about to be brought to them by the placement of two industrial wind turbines so close to the school. Anyone can seen that the Fairhaven wind project, arranged in secret between the developers and the Selectmen, will be an abomination of mass public child abuse.

I appeal to your humanity to stop this. Someone needs to make Governor Patrick finally understand that his renewable energy goals are unreasonable and have turned many of the citizens of the Commonwealth into sacrificial guinea pigs for the sake of an energy generation technology that barely works and promotes itself with lies and junk science.

Thank you for your deep consideration,

Marshall Rosenthal

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