Making light of turbine controversy does Fairhaven residents disservice

This letter is a response to Elizabeth Morse Read’s “Technology wins: Luddites, Unite” posted in the Standard-Times on April 10. I am curious as to what other issues, real or imagined, she refers to. I am part of a large group of residents who oppose not wind power in general but the placement of these two industrial turbines in such close proximity to residents.
If Ms. Read did some research on the subject she would find that these industrial turbines are two of the closest turbines of this size to residents in the world. When she speaks of us handing out health care complaint forms and comments that we should spend our time running for office instead, I have to wonder where has she been during the recent town elections.
Three people who oppose the building of these turbines based on safety concerns and siting violations did run for office and won. They have worked for years trying to make our town a “green community” without harming people. They have fought for the safety of the residents for years, combating the absurd projects our officials have tried to bring to this town. The handouts that Ms. Read refers to are extremely important. Her “wait and see” attitude is appalling to me especially in the face of so many documented adverse health effects of turbines in close proximity to people. I urge residents to keep a record of their health before and after the turbines are turned on.
I suspect our town will soon have its own evidence of the physical harm done to residents by turbines. I do have a cell phone to speak to people all over the country that have been affected. I do have a computer to do research on people’s complaints all over the country and world. I have taken the time to speak to people who are directly affected by turbines. I do not just sit in my home reading the propaganda the wind industry spins.
Ms. Read refers to her “off the boat” grandparents who were afraid of much of the technology that is now commonplace. My off the boat grandparents did not think smoking was harmful, however several of my relatives died from cigarette-related lung cancer. My off the boat grandparents and parents did not think that asbestos was harmful, however my father died from lung cancer caused by the asbestos he worked with in the Navy. My mother did not think that taking mega doses of ibuprofen for her migraines was harmful; however she developed kidney failure as a result. Many of the people in Falmouth that I spoke with were in favor of the turbines until they became ill and some to the extent of abandoning their homes.
One would assume that an educated woman would take some time away from working on a post-grad certificate and do some real research on the subject before accusing others of just having too much time on their hands.

 Dawn Devlin, Fairhaven, MA

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