Are we really the only ones who care?

Lately some of us have been asking another question – what has it been like for you to live next door to the turbines? We have been told over and over again that we are the only ones who have  asked that question. Are we really the only ones who care?

Fairhaven Wind and their supporters have managed to convince many people in the area that if you question anything about their wind turbine  project you are a bad person – a turbine foe, an anti-wind activist, a  climate change denier.

All of this labeling is meant to discourage us from asking important questions and supporting our neighbors publicly.

So what are these questions we have asked?

We have asked why Fairhaven Wind would not post a bond to guarantee the  neighbors protection from potential health impacts and property value  loss.

We have asked how many homes are located within 3000 feet of these turbines. (701!)

We have asked to go out at night with the MA DEP when they performed their compliance testing so that we could witness the process and hear how  loud the turbines are in the quiet hours of the night.   We have  asked why the power to the turbines was turned off by the operator  during the testing hours on October 15th and why the MA DEP was unaware  of that.

We have asked why the town and its citizens were not  informed for six months after the turbines were first found out of  compliance in November, 2012.

We have asked why the MA DEP  refuses to enforce their own noise regulations, despite their promise  that the turbines would be shut down if they were found to be out of  compliance.

We have asked why we should continue to support a  project that uses our tax dollars to support a Chinese company using  stolen software that cost Americans their jobs.

It seems very strange to me that we are being called names for asking questions like this.

We are also being criticized for standing up for those of our neighbors  who have been impacted by the turbine noise, the pressure waves, and the inaudible low-frequency sound that the turbines emit.

I am quite proud to stand up for my neighbors – even when that makes other people call me names.

Lately some of us have been asking another question – what has it been like for you to live next door to the turbines?

We have been told over and over again that we are the only ones who have  asked that question. Are we really the only ones who care?

Louise Barteau, Fairhaven, MA

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4 Responses to Are we really the only ones who care?

  1. First the Fairhaven wind turbines are Sinovel 1.5 commercial wind turbines built on a license from Furhlander wind company in Germany. The two turbines in Fairhaven are actually older gear box driven turbines from the year 2005. The noise from those turbines is the same as that of the older turbines.

    Sinovel wind company has some major problems . They have been accused of stealing software from a Massachusetts company called AMSC who they were in business with. They may have misled potential buyers of the turbines about the noise from the turbines .

    The residents around these turbines in Fairhaven and Scituate has the same noise complaints. The residents are due compensation as the turbines have been found out of compliance by the Massachusetts DEP.

    The turbines will soon head to litigation where a jury may hear about the thousands of noise complaints .The wind contractors have their backs against a wall . The people who financed the project along with the companies that conducted noise tests are all guilty.

    The residents around the turbines never signed away their property rights and should receive compensation . The compensation could be determined by the lost rental value of their homes over the period of time they have been affected by the noise .

    • Linda says:

      I just have one thing to say on this analysis….please do NOT insinuate ALL the residents near the turbines have issues because that is an out right lie, there are MANY who live near the turbines who DO NOT have any issues. You keep saying the “residents around the turbines” and I and all my direct neighbors who live well under 1/4 of a mile DO Not have any issues…Thank You!

  2. Sue Hobart says:

    Well said Louise… Some things are just too much to understand. As a turbine refugee I am sure I will never be able to forgive and forget this taking of my life, health and serenity. The government , in this case is our biggest problem. If they will not enforce their own laws what good are laws, or government for that matter.
    Thanks for your fight dear smart lady… Hopefully someday we will finally be recognized as the truth in the room… At least we don’t have to cover our tracks or remember our lies. We don’t need to when there is nothing to hide.
    My faith in the government is completely shattered. They seem all about lies and deflection. But my faith in good people like you and other voices of truth is great. weather or not we ever get listened to in our life time.. the truth will eventually prevail. Nothing this big can be silenced forever.

  3. Louise Barteau says:

    Linda, I am very glad to hear that you do not have any issues from living near the Fairhaven turbines. Folks have been direct and honest with me when I ask them how the turbines affect them. I have talked to neighbors who suffer and some that do not. Most people downplay their own effects, but want to support their neighbors when they hear that they are suffering. I am sure that if one of your neighbors was impacted, you would support them, too. Fairhaven is a compassionate town; we care about our neighbors.

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