TOO CLOSE: Stories from Those Who Live in the Shadows


“TOO Close, Stories from Those Who Live in the Shadows” introduces you to those families who are sentenced to living life with the noise, flicker and adverse health effects of the Fairhaven Wind project. This is a powerful documentary that should be viewed by those who feel a calling to support their neighbors and those who have concerns about a “Wind Friendly” Board of Health opening Fairhaven’s doors to increased wind development. Louise Barteau took to the neighborhoods and spends time with those who have been directly impacted. You’ll hear the touching stories of these families in their own words. If you stand with us in helping, please share this page and show your support and compassion.”

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One Response to TOO CLOSE: Stories from Those Who Live in the Shadows

  1. I recently attended a training session relative to the Open Meeting Law. The training session was provided by the legal firm which represents my town. I think it is high time for the town of Fairhaven to hold a similar training session.

    Why do I say this? What I have read, above, about A BOH chair refusing to place residents on the agenda, especially in a situation where residents are expressing distress is shocking…and at some level has to be illegal!

    To support my contention, the first section of my Open Meeting Training dealt with “Notice and Posting Rules”.

    The Contents of “Notices” must document the topics the Chairman “REASONABLY ANTICIPATES”. it was made clear to us that items that come up after the posting certainly can be added if the issue is of “PUBLIC INTEREST”.

    Certainly, the impacts on resident health and well being is of PUBLIC INTEREST.

    If I read this situation accurately, the chair, Mr Deterra, not only refused residents standing at 1 meeting, but for months and months worth of meetings!?!?

    The Open Meeting Law surely would consider such inaction ….well, actionable.

    This is a most disturbing abdication of responsibility.

    My question would be, why on earth does Mr DeTerra want to be on the Fairhaven Board of Health?

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