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Freedom from Unwarranted Experimentation

Devlin, C. (2017) Freedom from Unwarranted Experimentation. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 5, 23-48. doi: 10.4236/jss.2017.55003 “In support of these contentions, three primary examples have been chosen to illustrate recent and widespread violations of these fundamental rights. Examples have been chosen from social … Continue reading

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Wind Turbine Torture By Curt Devlin It is easy to forget just how essential sleep is to health and happiness; until of course, you yourself have been deprived of it for a night or two. Firsthand experience of sleep deprivation, … Continue reading

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Robert Rand, INCE, on the “Wind Turbine Health Impact Report”

Falmouth, MA – Last Wednesday eight Falmouth wind turbine neighbors traveled to Waltham to hear three Department of Environmental Protection [DEP] / Department of Public Health [DPH] expert health panel members present their Wind Turbine Health Impact Study report.  That … Continue reading

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“Who should influence the wind turbine noise debate” by Stephen Ambrose

This report has been called the “smoking gun” of noise reports from Rob Rand, Member INCE and Stephen E. Ambrose, INCE, Bd.Cert.  They helped produce the Bruce McPherson Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise Study. Stephen Ambrose is a Board Certified … Continue reading

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